Miltoniopsis & Odonts

Mostly creations and selections from The Orchid Works, these are our favorite plants for fast and free flowering. We grow these for the wholesale market, so please inquire about quantity discounts or budded plants. Keep in mind that these are often cooler growing plants, so they may need some air conditioning.

Misc. Plants

Like most orchid-philes, itís a challenge to stay focused on a narrow range of genera. We try, but thing slip in. These plants are some personal favorites that we grow for fun. Some may be very limited.

2" pots
Web $
Christiansoniana vietnamica nbs $20
Dendrochillum tenellum bs $15
Dendrochillum wenzelii bs $15
Encyclia polybulbon bs $15
Epi. porpax bs $15
Epi. schlecterianum bs $20
Max. costaricensis nbs $15
Max. uncata nbs $15
Phrag. Waunakee Sunset x kovachii nbs $40
Stellis guana bs $15
4" pots  
Broughtonia sanguinea ' Pink Moon' x sib BS $25
C. aurantiaca 'Mishima Sopts' x self BS $30
C. labiata tipo BS $25
C. labiata v. semi-alba BS $25
C. lueddemanniana v. coerulea 'CH' x 'Teru' AM/JOS BS $30
C. maxima v. rubra BS $30
C. maxima v. semi-alba 'La Padrena' BS $40
C. mossiae v. coerulea 'SVO' x 'Good Lip' BS $25
C. mossiae v. semi-alba BS $30
C. percivaliana semi-alba BS $25
C. trianae 'Oritos' x self BS $30
C. trianae 'Sange de Toro' nbs $35
C. trianae v. alba BS $40
C. trianae v. coerulea 'Marina' x 'Cielo Azul' BS $40
Cattleopsis lindenii BS $30
L. purpurata v. flammea BS $25
Paph. purpuratum BS $25
Paph. St. Swithin BS $40
Paph. Stone Eridans BS $30
Paph. superbiens v. curtisii BS $30
Paph. tonsum half album BS $40
Paph. venustum BS $30
Paph. Zollingeri BS $25
Phrag. Barbara Leann x kovachii BS $75
Phrag. Demetria BS $30
Phrag. Fliquet BS $40
Phrag. Franz Glanz x besseae BS $40
Phrag. Fritz Schomburg BS $75
Phrag. Hanne Popow x kovachii BS $75
Phrag. Jason Fischer BS $50
Phrag. kovachii x d'alessandroi BS $75
Phrag. longifolium 'Woodstream'AM/AOS x 'Domencia'HCC/AOS BS $40
Phrag. Lynn Evans Goldner x kovachii BS $75
Phrag. Mem. Dick Clements x kovachii BS $75
Phrag. roezlii BS $40
Phrag. schlimii 'Isolde' x self BS $40
Phrag. schlimii x kovachii BS $75
Phrag. Sunspot x besseae v. flavum BS $40
Phrag. Sunspot x kovachii BS $75
Phrag. wallisii BS $40
Phrag. Waunakee Sunset x kovachii BS $75

Flasks & Plug Trays

For those seeking a quantity of the same plant or seedlings, this is the bargain way to do it. Our flasks are all locally produced and are virus free. The clones are tested and the seed is dry podded. Each contains 30 plants. The plug trays are grown 72 plants to a tray, unless otherwise noted. They are generally 1 year out of flask and ready to pot up.


For retailers, resellers, orchid societies, and other bulk buying, we offer wholesale pricing. Please contact us for more information.


Credit Cards accepted by phone. Please call 808-345-1371 to place your order. Prices do not include shipping and handling.


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